Your free trial session is an immersive introduction to our cutting-edge Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) approach to better fitness and health – no matter your ability level.

The roughly 60-minute session will include:

  • A tour of our state-of-the-art studio
  • A brief health screen and a primer on the science behind EMS
  • 1-on-1 workout with a certified EMS trainer while wearing our high-tech suit
  • A free 3D body scan ($50 retail value) that will show your body’s fat and muscle composition. This will allow us to pinpoint areas of your body to prioritize during your workouts to help you achieve your best physique.

You won’t need to bring anything, as we supply all the gear!

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EMS involves sending impulses to your muscles and activating them through our high-tech, revolutionary suit. With a Pulse workout, you’ll activate 98% of your body’s muscle fibers. With conventional training, only about half of your muscle fibers are activated. In addition, our suits deliver 85 muscle contractions per second—compared to one contraction per rep in conventional training.

Bottom line: Pulse delivers a much more efficient, total-body workout in just a fraction of the time when compared to hours in the gym.


A Pulse EMS workout will feel like a tapping or vibration on your muscles. Depending on your abilities and needs, we can control the frequency and intensity of the muscle contractions for a customized Pulse workout.

You only need a single 20-minute workout per week to see results with Pulse. Most of our clients do work their way up to two sessions per week.

Absolutely! From beginners to elite athletes, a Pulse workout routine can help you reach your fitness goals. We do ask that you let us know about any medical conditions or illnesses you may have, and it is always best to speak with your doctor prior to beginning a new workout routine. Talk to us to learn more.

Because an EMS Pulse workout doesn’t involve lifting, pushing or pulling anything heavy, you can avoid taxing your joints or overworking muscles. This significantly reduces the risk of injuries and allows you to enjoy a low-strain, low-impact short workout that still burns calories and helps to tone your body while building lean muscle mass. In fact, EMS technology was initially introduced as a means of physical rehab.

After a few Pulse workouts under your belt, you’ll be feeling stronger and fitter. To take the guesswork out of your fitness progress, our 3D full-body scan will allow you to see improvements in your body fat and muscle composition, as well as your biometrics, such as weight.

The body scan will also provide precise body measurements across your waist, legs, arms, chest and other key body parts, in addition to a posture analysis.


Body Sculpting is an exciting new non-invasive treatment that allows you to target specific areas, such as your abs, glutes, thighs and arms, to tone and burn fat. Treatment sessions last 30 mintues and no prep nor recovery time is needed.
Infrared Therapy is known to have many benefits. The most recognized benefits are Detoxification, Recovery, Pain Relief, Relaxtion, Skin Purification, Decrease Inflammation, Improve Lymphatic Flow, Helps Lower Blood Pressure and Weight Loss.
Pulse's impressive high-tech scanning technology gives you a better understanding of your body composition and posture, allowing us to customize your training and get you optimal results in less time. Go beyond the scale - weight is only one number and not the most important.