Why JD Busch Wants to Tell the World About the Pulse Performance Franchise Opportunity


Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) Technology Powers the Innovative Fitness Franchise

JD Busch says he has never been more excited about anything in his life than he is about Pulse Performance. He came out of retirement to launch the franchise opportunity.

The innovative fitness studio centers on Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS), a technology that he says changed his life. 

After breaking his neck in a scooter accident, Busch used EMS to catapult his recovery. “I became a gigantic believer in EMS. I wanted to share it with the world,” he says. 

After breaking his neck in a scooter accident, Pulse Performance founder JD Busch used EMS to catapult his recovery.

The technology has been widely used for recovery and fitness in Europe for years. “The U.S. has been lagging behind on this concept,” he says. The Mayo Clinic and Olympic athletes have also used EMS.

Busch first discovered EMS at a franchise show in Vienna. He later used it to recover from his accident and saw tremendous opportunity to build a franchise around it. 

A former franchise consultant, Busch has seen thousands of opportunities over the years and is certain that Pulse Performance is a winner. It’s not just the niche concept or untapped market that excites him; it’s the potential to help people live and feel better. 

Twenty minutes with EMS is equivalent to a 2-1/2 hr high-intensity workout.  

EMS Technology

Pulse Performance and its EMS technology provide a fast, efficient workout for anyone seeking optimum health, including many who suffer from chronic conditions or are recovering from injuries. Busch says the workout is so effective that 20 minutes with EMS is equivalent to a 2-1/2 hr high-intensity workout.  

Pulse Performance workouts build lean muscle, reduce fat, improve blood circulation, minimize inflammation, speed up muscle healing and stimulate muscle growth. The workout entails wearing an EMS suit containing electrodes that are connected to an electrical impulse generator. The electrodes transmit low-voltage impulses directly to muscles causing them to contract and relax continuously. 

Non-Invasive Body Sculpting Therapy

Pulse Performance’s personalized programs use 3-D scans to measure and analyze body composition and posture. Clients can choose from several different membership levels that can also include infrared light therapy and EMS Sculpt, a non-invasive body sculpting therapy.  

Launched in November 2021, Pulse Performance is expected to expand rapidly. Busch has recruited a team of seasoned franchise professionals to support its growth. “We may be an emerging brand, but we are certainly not new to franchising,” he says.      

EMS Treatments for Multiple Sclerosis Patients

Pulse Performance workouts helped Multiple Sclerosis patient Laura Hitt improve her walking and endurance.

“The best part of Pulse Performance is helping others,” says JD Busch. He saw its impact firsthand with one of his clients, Laura Hitt (above). After being afflicted with Multiple Sclerosis, everyday tasks like walking up the stairs seemed impossible and she was losing faith in her body and her future. 

In a support group, Hitt was introduced to EMS and eventually Pulse Performance. Hitt began using EMS to focus on her muscles and vastly improved her condition. “With Pulse Performance’s EMS, I’ve engaged muscles that I haven’t in two years allowing me to improve my walking and endurance, and I feel energized and refreshed. These results have made me feel hopeful that I can improve and that’s the biggest gift,” Hitt says.  

Pulse Performance and the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation

“It was amazing to see her go from struggling with a cane to becoming vibrant and active,” says Busch. Since helping Hitt, Pulse Performance has become a supporter of the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation to help more people like her. “It feels great knowing we can make a huge difference in someone’s life,” Busch says.

For more information about the Pulse Performance franchise opportunity, visit pulseperformancestudio.com/franchise/.