Pulse Performance Franchise’s Body Sculpting Helps Clients Tone Up Quickly


Sculpt Treatments Target Fat Cells Using Electrical Muscle Stimulation

Body Sculpting an electrical muscle stimulation service offered at Pulse Performance, can give muscles a painless 30-minute treatment that’s equivalent to 2½ hours of hard-core effort in the gym. Offered through Pulse Performance, the innovative, noninvasive sculpt treatments also can help burn fat, firm skin, reshape, and can enhance blood circulation. 

Pulse Performance franchise founder and CEO JD Busch is a firsthand believer in EMS training and Body Sculpting and its ability to expedite muscle growth and healing while also burning fat. He used EMS training to rebuild muscle and regain strength after fracturing his neck in a scooter accident. Busch, a former franchise consultant, saw an opportunity for a franchise that uses the EMS process as a signature service. 

EMS Sculpt Technology

EMS Sculpt is offered at Pulse Performance franchises.

Busch launched the Pulse Performance franchise in 2021, with EMS Sculpt being a star attraction for clients. EMS Sculpt harnesses the energies of both radio frequency and magnetic vibration, directing low-voltage electrical impulses deep into layers of muscle and fat. “One 30-minute sculpt session is equivalent to performing thousands of crunches, sit-ups or squats,” he says.

During a half-hour treatment, clients can experience up to 30,000 muscle contractions (quickly followed by muscle relaxation), a process that typical exercises can’t duplicate. The radio frequency releases heat to burn fat, causing fat cells to collapse, with the client staying surprisingly comfortable temperature-wise throughout his or her session. 

Busch says EMS technology has been used safely in Europe for years, and that through the Pulse Performance’s EMS Sculpt, Americans can now play catch-up and reap the advantages of the technique. He also points out that the Mayo Clinic has used EMS therapeutically and that Olympic athletes – among them famed sprinter Usain Bolt – also have used the technology. 

EMS Sculpt vs. CoolSculpting®: What is the Difference?

Clients appreciate that each EMS Sculpt session targets muscles quickly, painlessly and without the need for a recovery period afterward, says Christina Lor, Pulse Performance EMS Sculpt specialist and licensed esthetician. She explains that “clients prefer EMS Sculpt over CoolSculpting because they do not have to experience the cold sensation and numbness of that type of treatment. The upside to target fat cells while also building muscles in the same treatments keeps clients coming back.”

Busch says most clients can see a noticeable difference after eight 30-minute treatments and it has been shown to increase muscle mass by 25% and reduce fat by 30%. “One client told us that in just eight treatments with EMS Sculpt, ‘My abs are much more toned and defined, and after doing treatments on my thighs, I was finally able to get rid of the stubborn fat on my inner thighs that has been haunting me for years.’”

EMS Sculpt Pulse Performance
Most Pulse Performance clients can see a noticeable difference after eight 30-minute EMS Sculpt treatments.

The Pulse Performance Franchise Opportunity

Pulse Performance is turning heads for its innovation and opportunity. It was named Best Tech Enhanced Fitness Business by New World Report’s Texas Business Awards 2022. Busch predicts that the emerging Pulse Performance franchise, which is headquartered in Austin, TX, will soon be an industry leader in the high-tech fitness space. “It has all the makings of a successful franchise. It offers advanced technology, allowing for a faster service time so that a franchise can serve more guests daily. Additionally, this product is proven to work through medical documentation. And Pulse Performance franchises are backed by a team with over 50 years of combined multi-unit franchise operations.”

Clients at Pulse Performance fitness studios wear an EMS suit equipped with electrodes linked to the 8 major muscles group for a full-body EMS training, and EMS Sculpt allows clients to target specific areas, such as the abdomen, arms and thighs comfortably while relaxing with panels placed on the selected areas to sculpt and tone without putting strain on bones and joints. Each Pulse Performance franchise requires just 1,500 square feet of space to provide its clients, who purchase memberships, with white-glove service. Start-up costs are around $300,000-$350,000, with the build-out taking under two months once permits are acquired. Operating costs are low. 

Expectations for Pulse Performance Franchisees

Busch says the Pulse Performance franchise leadership team “prefers that franchisees be involved, but they may be absentee as long as there is a full-time operating partner. Pulse Performance owners have access to top-of-the-line franchise software and systems that make opening and operating a seamless process.” The ideal franchisee will come from a background of business or sales, have a knack for customer service, and is motivated and community-minded. The mission statement of Pulse Performance and EMS Sculpt is to unlock clients’ full potential through technology-enhanced fitness programs. “Our innovative fitness programs do just that through a holistic fitness program that is quick, convenient and impactful,” Busch says.

For more information, visit pulseperformancestudio.com.